Calculation of GST payments

Calculations for GST payments are required to each and every registered person for his tax liability on a monthly basis.

Electronic Tax Liability Ledger, Electronic Cash Ledger, and Electronic Credit Ledger are the three ledgers used by the GST platform in India where this is required to be maintained by every tax payer.

Electronic Tax Liability Ledger:

This Liability Ledger shows the total tax liability of a registered person at any time. This can be accessed on GST portal of every registered person.


Amount of Tax To be paid --------------------------A

Interest on Late Fees ----------------------------------B

Amount of tax to be paid along with  interest on mismatch of credit based on provisions of sections 29,29A,43C"     --------------------------------         C

Any other amount to be paid by tax payer or directedby the board on the proceedings carried out    ------------------------------------------------------------D

Tax deduction at Source  -----------------------------E

Tax collection at Source ------------------------------F

Tax under Reverse Charge      -----------------------G

Amount to be paid by the Department for any interest,refund, penalty, late fees, or any other amount determined under  proceedings"  -------------------H

Balance In Economic Tax Ledger     =

                                     A + B + C + D - E - F - G - H


Electronic Cash Ledger:

It will be maintained on GST portal. It displays the total amount deposited by the payer towards discharge of his tax liability or interest or late fee or penalty any other amounts. Also, now it is mandatory for every businesses making payment for more than Rs 10,000 to do it electronically.


Electronic Credit Ledger:

In this Ledger all the taxes paid on inputs will be recorded. The input tax credit in each cases mentioned below shall also be transferred to this ledger.

  1. ITC (Input Tax Credit) available to the branch for the amount of credit transferred by ISD (Input Service Distributor).


  1. ITC allowed on input held in stock and the semi-finished or finished goods would be credited to electronic credit ledger if the taxpayer applies for registration within 30 days of becoming liable to pay tax.


  1. ITC available on the input held in stock and semi-finished or finished goods by a taxpayer in the composition scheme converting to a normal taxpayer shall be transferred to electronic credit ledger.


  1. ITC available due to the taxes paid under the reverse charge mechanism shall also be transferred to the electronic credit ledger.


  1. ITC available on goods/services used for the business and other purposes shall only be allowed to the extent applicable for business purposes.




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