What is Aadhar Card?

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

Aadhar is a 12-digit unique identification number distributed by the governemnet of india for every perosns who are living in india permenantly.Aadhar is a hindhi word meaning is foundation or base. The purpose of the aadhar is to give a unique identification number to every single person in india. Aadhar is used as identification proof and address proof in anywhere of india. The goal of the project is to collect  biometric (photograph, iris-scan, fingerprints) and residence address... [Read More]

How to Apply Aadhaar Card?

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

Enrolling Aadhar is simple process. It does require to follow simple steps and get aadhaar easily.Once you are applying aadhaar you should know you are eligible for an Aadhar card.You are going to want to apply aadhaar . This is a process that can take a bit of time. Please follow the below steps: The first step is to find an enrolment centre near you. Once you have found the centre, you can take an appointment through online. If you dont want to book an appointment, you can even visit... [Read More]

Uses Of Aadhaar Card

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

Aadhaar is a universal identity to every resident Indian. Aadhaar card will be useful to avail benefits of various government schemes and services. Benfits Of Aadhaar Card : Listed below are the most important benefits of Aadhaar card  LPG Subsidy: Government has started the PAHAL Scheme under which the subsidy amount of LPG cylinder is directly transferred into the Aadhaar number linked bank account of the consumer. Absence of Aadhaar card can not get the availing subsidy benefits on... [Read More]

How To Check Aadhaar Status ?

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

Once you have applied for your Aadhaar Card, you may receive the card in 60 to 90 days. However, the Aadhaar Card is subject to verification and could be rejected. It may not be delivered for months together. In such cases of uncertainty, you can check your Aadhaar check your Aadhaar application status online on the UIDAI website, or via SMS. Checking the status of Aadhaar Card has been made very convenient by the government. Steps to Check Aadhaar Card Status Online : Aadhaar status can be... [Read More]

How To Link Aadhaar To Phone Number?

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

From few months,you are recieving "Link your mobile number to aadhar" messages from govt of India.Govt of India already declared unliked mobile number will disconnected after feb 2018. Linking mobile number to Aadhar has many benifits.You can e-verify your income tax return using Aadhaar. In this process an OTP is sent to the mobile number which is linked to your Aadhaar. You can also update personal details linked to your Aadhaar online by using an OTP sent to your mobile. Downloading your... [Read More]


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