Documents Required for Apply VoterID

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

List of Documents  required  when register for VoterID Online or Offline: Basically if we visit Central  government website main page  here , you won't seen an option to upload any of the identity(below list).So the documents are not mandatory but when you need to apply nearby any of your booth level officer, you have to submit list of address proof if you have and that is mandatory. Note: Whenever you have been applied voterid card via online make sure to collect the... [Read More]

What is Tax?What is the purpose of Tax?

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

In India taxes are charged by the central Government and State Government. And there are some minor taxes are also charged by the local authorities like municipality. The authority to charge the taxes is derived from the Constitution of India which allocates a specific power to various taxes between the state government and the central Government. An important restriction on this power is Article 265 of constitution which states that "No tax shell be charged or collected except the authority of... [Read More]

What is PAN Card

Posted:April 24, 2018. | By: Admin

Permanent Account Number PAN is a code issued by the Department of Income Tax. It is a 10-digit number-and-alphabet combination and is unique to each individual. Identify this number on your parent's card. It would be something like this - ABCDP4678H. This number enables the department to monitor financial transactions of the holder. It also helps the Income Tax department to keep track of the tax paid or evaded by an individual. The first ever such card was issued in 1964. It is also issued to... [Read More]


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